Monday, 1 September 2014

Seaside Trip

I'm lucky that where I live is pretty close to several different beaches / sea side resorts, so when my friend and I decide that we've had enough of the same old scenery we can take off and thirty minutes later be by the sea.

Sunday was one such day and we spent a glorious afternoon, basking in the sunshine on the (not so comfy) pebbles of Sheringham beach. When we parked we were immediately drawn to the old school steam train that all the local enthusiasts were cooing over and I figured that I might as well take a quick snap while the dude had his head peeking out of the window.

We then took a wander around the town, through the cute little streets lined with the stone encrusted buildings and bunting. We gradually made our way (after a de-tour through a pub to listen to a seriously catchy jazz band) down to the sea front where the sea walls were lined with chalk art, some of which was created by local kids!

We meandered our way down to the beach where we had a paddle (yes, it was very cold) and even spotted a marriage proposal! 

After pretty much nodding off on the beach, all that was left was to climb the annoyingly large amount of steps back to reality and head home!

Shel x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Rimmel BB Cream

The whole 'BB', 'CC' and presumably 'DD' cream thing baffles me a bit. Is it a tinted moisturiser or a foundation? My general understanding is that it's a hybrid of the two, packed with some good shizz for your face. Right? Who knows.

Anyway, I don't really care what it is, so long as it actually works. Rimmel's offering is billed as a 'fresh take on the 9-in-1 skin perfecting super make up, in a matte formula'.  They then go on to describe and champion the product with seven points - what happened to 9 in 1?

So, it's meant to minimize the appearance of pores, mattify skin and control shine all day, smoothe and soothe the skin and conceal dark circles. Oh yeh and prevent blemishes. Blimey, surely they'll need a police task force for all that?!

I used this predominantly while I was away on holiday, which meant it was hot and a full face of heavier foundation wasn't all that appealing to me. Also, my skin was loving a bit of vitamin D from the sun so it was looking a lot nicer and I didn't need such a full coverage.

 I absolutely loved using this on holiday. I felt like it glided onto my skin, was easy to blend and gave just the right amount of coverage that I needed. That said,  I was expecting it to be more like a tinted moisturiser in consistency and it's definitely thicker than that. 

I've used it a couple of times since I've been home and the weather has cooled off and just haven't been as keen on it. If you have particularly oily skin, I wouldn't rely on this solely to keep your skin looking matte and I honestly didn't notice it massively mattifying my skin on application. I can't say much for the other properties either, I've not worn it enough times in a row to comment on it's blemish fighting abilities and maybe it does smoothe and soothe skin but not so majorly that I've put it on and fainted with joy.

My over all feeling is that for me, this is very much a summer time product - that's just when it suits my skin the most. It also has SPF 15 which makes it ideal for busting out on sunnier days. For the colder months, I think my skin will either need something a little more, coverage wise and also maybe something a little hydrating - especially once we all start putting the heating on (if you haven't already).

At £6.99 it's fairly inexpensive and I think it's last a reasonable time but I think I'll be keeping it as something to bust out mainly in the summer. Or, if you're younger and just getting started with make up then it might be a great product to experiment with.

Shel x

PS. If you are beady eyes, then you will have noticed the random duck face in the corner of the picture. It's a shower radio in the shape of a duck that my niece loves to play with. It snuck it's way in there!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Few Things I've Learned in Job Interviews

If you have a job interview coming up, I guess you might find this useful but probably not. I've had a few interviews in my time and I could probably add to my list but for now I have four solid points. 

1) Always look the interviewer in the eyes and give them a firm handshake (only if they offer their hand, don't just grab their arm and start shaking). Channel a little James Bond and you should be fine. 

2) If you have long hair, keep it tied back. Fiddling with it is distracting and apparently they don't care if it's because 'I'm worth it' *Cue hair flip*.

3) When you go for a job interview at a solicitors and they ask you what made you want to work there, telling them that you love Ally McBeal won't get you the job. Who knew?!

4) Discovering that you and one of the interviewers (panel interview - ouch) have a shared love of blogs and youtube, then going off on a ten minute tangent about your current favourite vlogger also won't get you the job. But it might get you a new follower on your blog later on. Swings and roundabouts.

I did tell you it probably wouldn't be useful. 

Shel x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Nivea 'Refreshingly Soft' Moisturising Cream

I told you I was having a bit of a Nivea moment back when I reviewed their gentle eye make up remover and I wasn't lying. This one ended up in my basket on a bit of a whim because it's actually a multi purpose moisturiser for face, body and hands. 

Usually I wouldn't trust something multi purpose on my sensitive face, but Nivea is a brand that I trust to be gentle so I decided to give it a whirl. It's really inexpensive coming in at something silly like under £4 for 75ml. Ok, so that packaging isn't going to do anything to jazz up your dressing table but hey, it's what's inside that counts, right? It boasts a couple of attractive ingredients too, with jojoba oil and vitamin E - all sounding good so far.

I use it predominantly for my face and have found it really refreshing on my skin, handy for Nivea as that's how they describe it on the packaging, but they're not wrong! It sinks in nicely and doesn't leave any residue on the skin, so it's perfect for applying make up over the top of. It leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and I've not had any adverse reactions to using it instead of something targeted specifically for the face.

It's so useful for those nights where you're crashing at a friends and you can chuck it in your bag and it doubles up as a hand cream too - massive bonus as I'm a hand cream freak. Plus, because it's so bargainously cheap, you don't mind using it on your hands. Or sharing it. Nah, strike that, I don't like to share.

I'm really impressed with this moisturiser, it's one that I think will be handy to keep in my collection and it's also encouraged me to experiment more with what Nivea have to offer. Well done Nivea!

Do any of you use Nivea skin care? Anything you'd recommend?

Shel x

Monday, 18 August 2014

My Week in Pictures

I thought I'd do a different post today and show you all what I've been getting up to this last week.  I hope you enjoy it! Monday kicked off fairly dismal, there were plenty of stormy clouds that kept rolling by...

I made sure there was time this week to catch up with one of my oldest friends that I haven't seen for a while. She's recently qualified as a nurse and I'm very proud of her, so was happy to have a bit of wine (and an impromptu phone photo session) to celebrate.

Wednesday night saw the return of Theatre season for me. My drama group was on a bit of a break after wrapping up the last show but we got together to read our new script. I'm delighted to have a part in the show which will be on at the end of October. I might do some more in depth posts about that later on!

The rest of the week has gone by in a bit of  a blur, especially as I had work all weekend but I've been making time to read some of my new book. If you've ever watched Ripper Street on BBC1 (now on Amazon instant video thingumy) then think along those lines for this book.

Over the weekend we had a family BBQ for my mum's birthday and it was lovely to see my nieces all running around playing together. Afterwards, we'd eaten so much and my sister was desperate to get Lucy to go to sleep that we went for a walk around Horstead. Hope you like the rest of the pictures!

Thanks for reading / eyeballing!

Shel x